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With centres in both London and Birmingham, First Academy guarantees students success through dedicated and comprehensive lesson planning, ensuring ambitious students receive first-class education.

First Academy has a proud reputation for A-level students being accepted to their first-choice university, boasting a 98% acceptance rate, averaged over four years

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Welcome to First Academy


We hope the information contained within this website provides a useful and helpful insight into the life and work of the Academy.

First Academy is an Educational institution with strong traditions rooted in the local community.

The Academy has a committed staff and students who want to learn as well as supportive parents/guardians willing to encourage students. We are forward-looking and constantly seeking to improve in order to offer a first-class education, in the widest sense, for our students.

Learning and achievement are central to our work. Our philosophy is that all students can be successful learners and that all are capable of achievement. We aim to provide learning experiences and an environment that allows all students to succeed. The school has a very good academic record.

Expectations of students are high and we insist on standards being maintained in every aspect of educational life. We promote a strong code of values based on respect and tolerance and we encourage our students to be good citizens within a caring community.

We look to the future with confidence and believe we provide a safe, supportive learning environment in which all our students enjoy education and can develop their full potential.

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